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Does the size of a penis matter?

A white lie has existed for years stating it wasn’t necessary to have a large penis in order to perform well sexually. As it turns out, women definitely associate a large penis with good sexual experiences. In a study conducted by the World Penis Average Size, it is shown men with a larger penis have a better chance of finding a sexual partner than men with smaller sized ones.
A study done at the Kings College in London with 173 men filling out a questionnaire regarding the size of their penis had 30 percent report they were not happy with the size of their penis. The numbers in the study actually show that how men feel about themselves ‘below the belt’ corresponds with other mental health issues.


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There is help to increase your size

There are penis extenders on the market today that can increase the size of a penis. They can increase the penis approximately one inch in girth and length in about two months. Men who have used this method state they have firmer and longer lasting erections. It is also reported to have increased their sex drive and most men find they have become more sexually active after having an extender applied.
There are some safety issues that need to be considered. Using an extender involves tearing the cells inside the penis. This procedure is somewhat like a body builder when they lift weights and tear a muscle. When the proper device is used by a reputable company you will have nothing to worry about.

SizeGenetics offers a solution

Sizegenetics has a device that is one of the newest penis extenders on the market. Being the newest means it has the best advanced safety features over the older traction devices. This device will increase the size of your penis permanently and will increase the blood flow around the penile area. This increased blood flow will allow for longer erections and increased stamina.
The SizeGenetics device is designed to naturally stretch your penis. Wearing the device for just a short few hours a day stretches the penile tissues causing new cells to grow and increase the penis size naturally. Based on the principle of traction, there is nothing unnatural or harmful with this product. This system is easy, pain free and will not cause any discomfort.
According to the reviews received from satisfied users of the SizeGenetics, results can be seen in as little as six months. This product is safe to use and was produced keeping all medical standards in consideration. Having received the European CE Health stamp, it is 100% guaranteed, promising to return your money if desired penis size is not reached after six months of continuous use.


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Don’t wait any longer- start SizeGenetics today

SizeGenetics has given countless men pride in themselves and their manhood. By attaching this device to your penis for just a few hours a day you can experience the magic of growth in six short months. SizeGenetics will provide you with the extraordinary sexual experiences you have always dreamed of.








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